8 notes while using air compressor

Tuesday - 01/01/2019 23:06
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In order to  operate safely and effectively  compressed air systems, air compressors, and air dryers, it is indispensible to read 8 notices below

1. Rotating parts.

-Before the power is on, plug the cover properly.

-Keep your hands or any objects away from the rotating parts( pulleys, belts, cooling fan,etc..) 

-Keep your hands and face , any objects away from discharge air outlet.

Be carefull on the stopped air compressor in an automatic stop/restart control beacause it may restart without pressing the START button.  

2. Hot

-  Do not loose the housing  when the compressor is operating or immediately after you have stopped it( that is the system is still internal pressured) .Otherwise, the hot pressurized air and /or oil may gush out and eventually may cause you to be burnt or injured. 

3. Read carefully the instructions Manual before checking or replacing the oil separator. 

-Replace the oil separator( element and housing) whenever the housing is cratched ,deformed or corroded. Otherwise, it may be damaged, ruptured alloing the oil to gustoout or exploded.

- Replace the oil and the oil separator( element and housing) regularly as scheduled by the Instruction Manual. Failure to observe thí may deteriorate the oil and eventually cause fire and explosion. 

 - Before checking or replacing the oil separator , stop the air compressor, disconnect the powerand and make sure that the discharge air pressure gaguge indecates 0 MPa. 

-Do not touch the oil separator because it may cause you be burnt. 

-Replace the element, housing, aquare ring at the same time.

4. Hot
- Do not open the oil draining when operating .Failure to observe this may cause you be burnt or injured.

- Do not touch the air compresser when operating because the parts are gradually hot. Keep your hand, face away the air discharge because the air is discharged thruogh this way. 

5. Respiratory diseases:
Do not use the air compressor for a direct-breath application. Failure to observe this may cause hazards (Respriratory) diseases etc..)  as the compressed air from the air compressor contains oil particles.

6.Hot oil or air under pressure.

- Before replacing the oil or servicing the air compressor, stop the air compressor, disconnect to the power, and make sure that the discharge air pressure gauge reads 0 MPa. Be carrefull on the oil filling port plug, the relief ,etc..Because the hot pressurized oil or air may gush from these parts. 

7. Live circuitry

- Before servicing or wiring the air compressor,disconnect the power to avoid an electric shorck .Also, put an notice saying "Men at maintenance work, donot tủn on the switches" on the power supply ,  and thereby prevent someone from carelessly turning on the switches.  

- Ask a qualified electrician for wiring and any any other electric works . 

8. Fire

- Do not use fire around the air compressor . Otherwise, the parks from the fire may cause air compressor to be internal burnt.

- Keep  a container of the fammable hazards away from air compressor. Failure to observe this may cause a fire and/or explosion. 

- Do not remove any protective relays on the air compressor. Otherwise,  do not make a modification of the conrol circuit that will results in imparing the protective relay's function. Otherwise, the fire may occur and/or the air end may be burnt.  

- Install an earth  leakage fuse free breaker on the power supply.

- Check the oil level gauge  and vertify that the oil level is between the upper and lower red lines. 

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