Working principle of air filter and pressure regulator

Tuesday - 01/01/2019 22:59
loc duong ong máy nén khíCompressed air is directed into the filter from the pipe connected to port P1. The spiral plate will cause turbulent air flow. Because of this whirlpool, dust particles and water in the compressed air will be subjected to centrifugal force and outward movement, hitting the inner wall of the filter cup and flowing to the bottom of the filter cup. Air flows through the air filter, where they are filtered again before flowing to the pressure regulator.
The condensate is discharged through the exhaust valve. Based on membrane correction, by rotating the adjustment screw, the tapered seal will allow more or less compressed air to reach the output port P2. If P2 side pressure is higher than P1 side, the film will be pushed upward. The compressed air will escape in the atmosphere through a small hole in the cap. It is visiable monitor pressure from manometer.
Some units may be corroded:
 + Filter
 + O- ring13
 + Membrance.
 + Rubber.
 +  O- ring23
 +  O-ring 28.

Damage, causes and remedies:




Air filter can not separate dust and water.

- Filter is improperly installed .

-The level of substrate in the filter  is higher than the allowance.

- Install filter in the right direction regulated flow.

- Install draining discharge, install automatic discharge. 

The air escapes into the atmosphere at the pressure regulator valve. The pressure regulator is mounted in the opposite direction (the input port and output port are interchangeable). Replace the pressure regulator properly.

Filter cartridges must be cleaned after a period of operation.
Regularly check the maximum water level in the filter cup.
Do not place pressure above 1600kPa into standard pressure regulating valve (manufactured with technical standards).
Air filter for air compressor,Working principle of air filter and pressure regulator

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