Structure, classification of air dryer,

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Air dryers used in compressed air systems are equipment used to dry compressed air. There are two common types of air dryers: refrigerated and absorption air dryer.

1. Rerigerated air dryer:

Air-cooled air dryers are devices producing water by cooling the steam of compressed air and spraying it outside the compressed air system. To get the highest efficiency, assemble the filter and manage the discharging work in the drain of the air intake tank thoroughly.


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2.Absorption air dryer

Absorption air dryers are compressed air drying devices with a drying agent, also known as a water-repellent, which absorbs water vapor in moist air. The device consists of two cylinders, the first vessel contains the drying agent and carry out the dehumidification process, the second flask regenerates the absorption capacity of the drying agent. Commonly used drying agent: Silicagen SiO2, temperature of -50oC dew point, regeneration from 120oC to 180oC

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