Orion Japanese air dryer

Wednesday - 26/12/2018 04:18

 Orion air dryer (Japanese brand) . ORION Refrigerated Air Dryer is a type of air  dryer according to the principle of cooling air to condense water.

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 ORION moved its small air dryer production factory from Hong Kong to Thailand in April 2013. Model is  produced in Thailand with many changes from  model (CRX => ARX) to the structure of the machine with more advanced

The new technology heat exchanger helps the machine save power and stable productivity

(*1) All-in-One SUS shell heat Exchanger

The first and second heat exchangers are made from stainless steel housing maintaining the pressure for a long time (pressure loss is only a tiny amount).

 (*2) Fin diagonal waveform in secondary heat exchanger : helps  water significantly separated from compressed air without causing pressure loss.


(*3) Turbo-type air duct in the first heat exchange: helps the air cooling process  and heating the air  effectively without loss of pressure.

(*5) R134a refrigerant, R407C, R410A are environment- friendly refrigerant.


(*4) Gas pipes are anti-wear NIKEL prevent them from corrosion and leakage.

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                                                    Dust-proof condenser is effective and easy to clean and maintain

2.  ORION  Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer

ORION-Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer is a type of air dryer that dries compressed air according to the principle of absorbing water through desiccant beads. Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer has 2 pots containing silica gel or other absorbent materials with hygroscopic principle alternating, this pots is sucked, the other bulb is regenerated.This type has air loss from 10% to 20% (used to dry desiccant during regeneration). Dew point temperature reaches from -40 to -70 ℃ PDP Related articles: Orion air dryer catalog, air dryer working principle of orion air dryer

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