Why is it important to use air dryers?

Wednesday - 26/12/2018 04:50

Currently, air dryers are  widely used in factories such as: textile, food, confectionery and electronics factories .... but in fact, a few factories the air dryer are not used,  why? ... to help you answer this  questions Why is it  important to use air  dryers?  If you do not use a gas dryer, any alternatives will be recommended? .. so that customers can choose suitable investment for actual production.

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Hanshin air dryer

1. Why do you need to use air dryer? 

-Compressed air supplied to control  system and power generation elements has the following basic requirements
+ Compressed air must be clean.
+ Compressed air must be dry.
+ Pressure of compressed air must meet the requirements.

Contaminated compressed air can cause operational disturbances in the control circuit. Contaminants which are pervasive compressed air can include steam, dirt, remaning compressor oil, scales, rust, ..
- Because compressed air will come in contact with many different working devices such as: impact (cylinder), control elements, signaling elements, etc., it is necessary to eliminate dirt Out of compressed air. Clean compressed air increases the life of the equipment, minimizing downtime due to damage to the system.
-Pay special attention to the amount of water vapor in the compressed air. Because the air from the environment is sucked into the compressor and compressed, the compressed air supplied to the system will have steam. The amount of water vapor depends mainly on the relative humidity, which is dependent on the temperature and the weather conditions. If the saturation point of compressed air is crossed, moisture will condense into water.
- Lubricating oil left in the compressor together with compressed air can create a mixture of oil mist and air, this is a combustion gas mixture, it can explode at high temperatures (above 353oK) On the other hand, for manufacturing factory such as manufacturing drugs, medical instruments, food, confectionery, circuits and electronic components ... require dry compressed air and high cleanliness, the use of air dryers are compulsory. Therefore, to remove steam, dirt, and lubricating oil from compressed air as well as increase the life of compressed air machinery equipment as well as operating and repaiing costs, factories should use the air dryer.

2. Alternatives for not using air dryer. 

In fact, some factories use compressed air to operate cutting machines, punching machines ... in which compressed air does not need a high level of cleanliness and dryness and to reduce investment costs, the factory does not use the air dryer. However, In this case to remove steam, dirt, and lubricating oil from compressed air as well as increase the life of compressed air equipment, reduce repairing and operating costs, Adding water and dirt separator filter is nescessary.

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