How does an absorption air dryer work?

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In recent years, we have received many questions about absorption air dryer: Working principle of absorption air dryer, how much time do you change grain moisture absorber once? What are the main components of grain moisture absorber for absorption air dryers? What cases are the absorption air dryer used?

Drying by absorption can be a physical or chemical process

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air dryer

1.Phisical process:

The drying agent, called a water repellent, absorbs the moisture in the moist air and consists of two drying bottles. The first drying tank contains the drying agent and performs the drying process, while the second drying tank will be regenerated by the absorbing capacity of the drying agent (the impurity) that was used the previous time (figure 1). Drying agents are often selected such as: silicagel SiO2, dew point temperature -500C, regenerative temperature t = 1200C - 1800C.

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air dryer


Figure 2 Is the operation cycle of the system. When the first drying vessel II operates, valve 6 opens, the compressed air fro compressor through the drying tank II, through valve 4 and into the control system. The regeneration process is carried out by heated air after passing the first air compressor and heated in the heating unit 2, through valve 7 into the I, through valve 8, then the saturated air will be taken outside. Note: During the regeneration process, depending on the capacity and manufacturer, hot air can be taken directly from the compressor. - Absorption air dryers are widely used in manufacturing factories requiring high air output and no mixing of water such as: electronic components factories, .....

2.Chemical process

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air dryer


Figure 3 Principle of absorption by chemical reaction The device consists of a container, which contains an absorbent (Figure 3), which absorbs by chemical process usually NaCl. Humid air will be introduced from door 1, after passing through absorbent 2, for example NaCl, the amount of water vapor in the air will combine with the absorbent and form droplets that settle down to the bottom of the flask.Then the condensate will betaken outside by valve 5. The dried air will be followed gate 4 to the control system.

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Structure and working principle of absorption air dryrer,

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