How do air dryers operate?

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sua may say hanshinThe air dryer in the compressed air system plays a very important role, it's not only responsible for  separating water from compressed air but also  separating impurities such as dirt, oil molecules in compressed air. .. so that the compressed air can be dry and clean when combined with the filter. To find out how the Air Dryer works, how does it separate water from compressed air? When to use a refrigerated air dryer and absorption gas dryer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of air dryers for refrigerated  and absorption air dryer?

 I. Working principle of refrigerated air dryer.

Compressed air in a high temperature saturation state and much moisture will be blown out from the air compressor, get into the air intake and be exchanged for the first time with the dried and cooled air blown out at the air outlet of the adapter air-to-air, then blown into the drying device (heated air-to- cooled air adapter). The saturated air sucked into the drying device will be cooled by the smoldering heat evaporated at the cooler of adapter, then cooled below the 4 dew point.

the saturated steam will turn into water and be blown to the outside by an automatic discharge pipe.
- The internal temperature of the drying device will be adjusted automatically by the cooler according to the pneumatic load of the Hot Gas Bypass valve and always maintains a certain dew point. This control method not only avoids cold temperatures but also protects the cooling cycle.

may sấy khí orion,  Bộ phận cơ bản (cấu tạo) máy sấy khí tác nhân lạnh
 Basic parts ( structure) refrigerated air dryer


2. What is refrigerated  air dryer commonly used. 

Refrigerated air dryer is commonly used in case of temperature of  dew point is more than 0 degee. 

3. Advantage

- Low cost, easy operation, repair and stability. 

II. How does air dryer absorb water separators?

1. The compressed air is supplied by the air compressorand supplied to the vessel, passing through the absorbent. The amount of steam in the compressed air combined with the absorbent create dop of water that settles to the bottom of the flask, the condensed water is directed outward. Dry compressed air will follow the outlet of the tank to supply to the system.


 sơ đồ máy sấy hấp thụ


2.When is the absorbing air dryer often used?

Absorption air dryers are used in case the system requires compressed air to provide the system with a high standard, the ability to separate water from compressed air reaches 99.99%.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of air absorption air dryer:

- Advantages :
+ The ability to separate water from compressed air reaches 99.99%.
- Disadvantages
+ High investment costs, compressed air losses and can only be used in some specific sectors such as pharmaceutical and food processing. Thus, so that there is more information for the appropriate choice and investment for our compressed air system. For free advice and information please contact Mr Phu 0919.23.28.26 Gmail:

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