Micos air compressor parts

Friday - 28/12/2018 03:23

Minh Phu Machinery and Technical Services Co., Ltd provides Oil Filter, Air Filter, Oil Separator, Compressor Oil and Spare Parts for Micos Air Compressors. Please contact us   0919 23 28 26 for dedicated, professional services ,  reasonable and competitive price.

loc gio may nen khi micos 150
       Thay thế lọc gió cho máy nén khí Micos 150
phu tung micos


 Oil separator

 Oil filter

Air filter


 Micos 22 (30HP)


 Micos 37 (50HP)

   73001050P  40192920P   901010113-1

 Micos 75 (100HP)

 A30331202P  93001050P  A31031203P   901010113-1

 Micos 110 (150HP)





Micos 150 (200HP)

   93001050P     901010113-1

Micos 160v (200HP)

   93001050P     901010113-1

Micos 225 (300HP)

   93001050P     901010113-1
phu tung may nen khi micos 75 100hp

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