Maintenance process of air blower

Monday - 19/08/2019 09:36

Repair and maintenance process of air blower. 

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Maintenance process of blower

Basic steps of air blower repair and maintenane as below: 

Step 1: Research, detect the air blower state. This's very important step of repair air blower to determine the status of air blower and find the solution of repair and maintenance.
Step 2: Design and manufacture, prepair necesssary equipments, transport to the place of  repair and maintenance.
Step 3: Clean, remove the parts of the air blower.
Step  4: Check, evaluate the status of each detail in the machine.
Step 5: Design the damaged details, replace bearing, seal, gasket.., clean all details, parts of air blower that are prepaired for installation.
​​​​​​Step 6: Assemble and alignair blowers: This is the most important step, directly determining the quality of the air blower maintenance and repair process. The air blower assembly and alignment process is carried out by highly skilled people and equipped with specialized equipments to assemble and align air blowers.
Step 7:Acceptance test: Check and accept the parameters of the slot before testing.
Step 8: Test, check : Checking working parameters of air blowers are within the allowable limits: Noise, temperature, shocks, flow and pressure ...
Step 9: Hand over the air blower after repair to the managing unit, switch to product warranty.

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