Schedule Operation of GRH3 air compressor

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 Schedule Operation
1. Check and enter the schedule operation time.
           For the directions, refer to page 49
2. If selecting Schedule mode by pressing Schedule operation mode button once, the following screen is displayed.

3. If pressing START button, it shows the following screen and the compressor operates and stops in accordance with the schedule operation time.
Schedule operation stand-by screen.

During schedule operation: the screen is displayed when the compressor is stand-by before the
schedule operation time.

Schedule operation screen. 
During schedule operation: if the compressor operates at the time of schedule operation, the left
screen is displayed. When the main motor rotates by schedule operation, mark blinks.

  2. Remote Operation.
It is basically structured so that the remote operation, stop control and operation status are outputted to the contact. Just attach the Start and Stop buttons as presented in the below figure.
  1. Remote Operation .                                                 
    It operates if turning on No.10terminal(105) and  No.12 terminal(+24) once.
  2. Remote Stop
                        It stops if turning on No.11 terminal(106) and  No.12 terminal(+24) once.
  1. On contact during operation.
                During operation, No.18 terminal(111)  and  No.19 terminal(112) are on
  1. On contact if any abnormal status.
               If any trouble occurs, No.20 terminal(113) and No.21 terminal(114)   are   on.
                     5. Remote manual no-load instruction.
              If No.04 terminal(+24) and No.09 terminal(104) are on, it operates under  no load and when   they are off, its pressure is                      automatically controlled.
 3. Remote Monitoring System [Micom]
When it is necessary to remotely monitor compressor operation, stop and operation status, using [Remote Monitoring Control System] may facilitate the management of the compressor. It is structured as follows.

Dimensions: 320(W) x 270(H) x 120(D)

Power Supply : AC220V Single Phase 50VA

Connection Control Cable : UTP Lan Cable 1 cable

Every situation displayed on the compressor Micom such as compressor operation temperature, discharge pressure, filter use time and troubles is displayed on the remote monitoring system(remote controller).

Remote monitoring System [Computer]
When remotely monitoring compressor operation, stop control and operation status, using [Remote Monitoring Control System] may facilitate the control of the compressor, it is structured as follows.
Components: computer, COM card[computer], COM cable
No. of controlled sets: 8.



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