Finding the causes of air compressor error - Part 2

Wednesday - 02/01/2019 04:10

Why does air compressor oil come from the upper air filter of the air compressor?, What causes the compressor to switch between load and unload? What make the compressor engine  overloaded? ...

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 Hitachi air compressor repair




Oil flows from upper air filter and coagulates

 Unload or  load in short time 

-Repair intake valve
- Check the closing time of relay and other wires.

Minimum pressure valve is leaked 

Repair and replace if nescessary 

 Air in contactor is insufficient 

 Check Kiểm tra van ngắt điện khí

= Frequently switch  between load and unload


The leaked pipeThe leaked pipe   

 Check the possibly leaked  point

pressure parameters are set too low    

 Reset parameters

Unbalanced air consumption Increase container capacity and add pressure valve if needed

    Unbalanced air consumption

Increase container capacity and add pressure valve if needed

The  overloaded engine
-Signal: The  thermister is switched and the   motor
exceeds the norm
Consequences: fire engine, fire switch in electric cabinet. In many case,thermister has not yet affected but the engine has been burnt.


- Defective voltage and phase loss (with a machine without phase protection) - Failure of main motor . Motor bearings run out of grease, jammed gear, transmission part ... increasing  load - Air end  is stuck, mechanical breakage / clogging of mechanical structure, axis misalignment, oil seal. This is the most common cases -Slow oil filter and oil separator - High compressed air pressure leads to overload.



You only need to measure the voltage at unload and load or the machine with the same current in the same workshop to check and fix.  
-This error should remove the belt and check by hand whether the air end or engine is stuck before taking other measures.

- The oil separator is clogged or replaced if necessary
- Checking the presure control settings again. Another reason is that the pressure relief valve set the compressed air pressure higher than the designed pressure of the machine.
Reverse phase In the repairing process of electrical systems, it is possible to reverse the phase or when using backup generators in air compressors with anti-phase devices integrated in the control panel or using digital relays. Reversing 2 of the 3 power supply phases for the air compressor

Phase loss

Because of the electrical system, the breakdown of the wire....

Checking  the power system  can clearly find out

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