Specifications of Handsome II air compressor

Thursday - 01/08/2019 00:09

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Dryer-intergrated types

Compressor without dryer

HM 37AD-5/6u HM 37AD-5/6u HM37A-5/6u HM37A-
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Discharge air volume (L/min)-Note 1. 6100 5000 6100 5000
Suction pressure temperature ºC . Atmosphere pressure 2 – 40ºC ( 36-104 ºF)
Discharge gauge pressure  (Mpa {kgf/cm2}. 0,69
Outlet air dew point temperature ºC. 12(54) or lower at discharge pressure.  
Motor specifications
Norminal power (kW). 37,0
Voltage( V) 380 . 415/200 . 220 [400 . 400]
Type 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor
Number of poles 4P
Protection type Totally enclosed.
Cooling method Air cooling
Starting method Start-delta
Insulation class Class F

Operation mode
Continuous with suction throtting system
Dryer power consumption 1,80/2.14  
Discharge pipe diameter (A) 40
Intial lubricating oil volume (L) 18
Dimension: W X D X H 9(mm) 1550 x 950 x 1550
Weight (kg) 1030 950
Noise level (dB {A} 64

Notes of Handsome II air compressor:


  • Discharge air volume is the value converted from the actual air volume discharged from the outlet to the suction air condition (at 35ºC {95ºF}, 75% RH, atmostpheric pressure 0,1013 Mpa {1,0332 kgf/cm2}).
  •  The discharge pressure gauge indicates the line pressure.
  •  Outlet air dew point is measured at ambient temperature of 35ºC {95ºF} under each discharge gauge pressure.
  • Noise level is measured 1.5 m away from the machine and 1.0 m from the floor level in an anechoic chamber.
  •  The compressed air cannot be used for respiratory equipment from which air is directly aspirated into human bodies.

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