Some cautions when using GRH3 air compressor

Monday - 29/07/2019 03:34
  1. Installation place and cautions for installation
The compressor is designed to use indoors. Please avoid installing it outside. 
  • Installing in a place directly exposed to raindrops or underground with hot ambient temperature may cause electric shock, drain or rust.
  • Installing the compressor in a place with vibration may cause bad contact, destruction of air end and piping, so a measure should be taken before the installation.
  • If the compressor is installed in a place with harmful gas, it may cause oxidization of lubricant and corrosion parts.
  • Do not leave any flammable materials around the compressor. Any work causing a fire is also prohibited. Once a flame is moved into the compressor, it may cause damages.
  • Do not install the compressor in a place with 40°…and higher ambient temperature. It may cause a fire or damages on the compressor.
  • When installing it in an airtight space, it needs induction and ventilation pipes. And the vent needs a fan to ventilate the space.
  1. Cautions for Electric Wiring 
Wiring should be executed in accordance with the indoor wiring rules of the common industrial technology standard, electric facility standards.  
Wiring should be executed only by a competent electrician.
When wiring on the terminals of the compressor, it should be wired to avoid any bending part while a hole into which wires are penetrated should be protected for the sheath from vibration by using rubber and other materials.
Circuit Breaker
Install a circuit breaker suitable for the type on the power lead-in.
Protective Devices
Removing and improving the compressor protective devices or changing the settings may cause an accident. Never attempt to change or alter the settings of protective devices.
Connect the grounding to the grounding terminal inside the electric box. The grounding should be type 3 grounding if the voltage is lower than AC400V or special type 3 grounding if the voltage is AC400V and higher.
Without grounding, it may cause an electric shock accident or failure of the compressor.


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