Sell Corena S3R air compressor oil

Wednesday - 19/12/2018 04:25
1. High quality screw air compressor and vane air compressor oil. 
Shell Corena S3 R is high quality compressor oil, designed to provide high lubrication of screw type and vane  air compressors. This oil is used for advanced additive system that provides superior protection for compressors operating up to 20 bar and 100ºC discharge temperature with up to 6000 hours maintenance cycle .
dau may nen khi shell corena s3 rj 32
Dầu Shell Corena S3 R

2. Long life span - saving maintenance cost.
Shell Corena S3 R has mantenance cycle up to 6000 hours ( permitted by manufactures) even when it is operated at 100ºC ( maximum discharg temperature).
Benefits :

-Avoid the formation of condensed carbon in vane air compressors.
-Avoid the formation of condenser in rotary parts in screw air compressor.
-Avoid the decomposition caused bt temperature and condenser to maintain the clealines of surface especially in oil/ air filter system. 
Maintenance cycle is depended on the amount of intake air, operating cycle and environmental condition.To very 
hot and humid climates in Asia Pacific, it is recommended to reduce the oil change cycle (refer to the original manufacturer's proposal).
 Excellent anti-wear properties
Applied sucessfully for many years, Shell Corena S3 R is well-protected metal surface from the corrosion and abrasion.This oil contains a high-quality non-ash anti-wear additive system to help extend life in key parts such as bearings and gears.
Maintenanace the effect of system
Dischargeing air and anti-foarming are key features in compressor oil, ensuring good and continous operation air compression. Shell Corena S3 R is designed to discharge air quickily without creating excessive foam to operate continously, even in cycle. In addition, Shell Corena S3 R has water separation feature to ensure efficient and continuous air compressor operation even when water is available.
dau may nen khi shell corena
Shell Corena S3 R air compressor oil

3. UASGE  .
-Vane air cmpressor 
Shell Corena S3 R is suitable for oil- injected or oil-filled vane air compressor operating pressure up to 10 bar and air discharge temperature up to
-Screw air cocmpressor 
Shell Corena S3 R is suitable for 2 stage  piston air compressor or 1 oil-filled stage operating pressur at 20 bar and air discharge temperature up to  100ºC t. 
-Technical standards and approvals
Shell Corena S3 R qualified: ISO6743-3A-DAJ
-Safe and heath 
Contact to Shell for more documents and informations. 
-Compatibility with Sealing Materials
Shell Corena S3 R oil  is compatible with sealing materials used mineral oil .
-Environment protection
Used oil had better to be taken to the specificed points. 

Shell Corena S3 R     32 46 68
Viscosity stage  ISO   ISO 3448 32 46 68
 kinematic viscosity    ASTM D445      
+At 40⁰C m/giây   32 46 68
+ At 100⁰C m/giây   5.4 6.9 8.9
Proportion at 15⁰C kq/m³ ASTM 864 868 873
Plash point COC ⁰C ASTM D92 230 230 248
Air discharge  phút ASTM 2 3 5
RPVOT phút ASTM 700 700 700
FZG LS Không đạt CEC-L-07-A-95 11 11 1
Melt point ⁰C ASTM D97 -30 -30 -30
Water-separating capacity  54⁰C phút ASTM 1401 15 15 5

These features are oustanding for current products. The future products may be innovated.  
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